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The Secretariat of Central Police University (CPU) is an advisory unit of the school. Under the guidance of the President, it coordinates the work of each department and administrative unit.
The Secretariat was formed in 1973, and was divided into the Executive Section and the Document Section according to the amended organizational regulation of 1998.

Objectives :
The main objectives are to actively coordinate the departments and administrative units, to supervise the process of documentation, and to promote the efficiency of the work with which the secretariat is in charge of.

Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Executive Section
(1) To transmit, receive, distribute, process, and store confidential documents.
(2) To prepare important work reports and documents.
(3) To manage the matters discussed in the University’s Affairs Meetings and Administrative Meetings.
(4) To compile the past history and present situation of the university.
(5) Supervise affairs assigned by the President or the Vice President.
(6) Supervise affairs that are not under the jurisdiction of other units.

2. Document Section
(1) To transmit, receive, distribute, proofread official documents, as well as the safekeeping and use of the official school seal, and manage archives.
(2) To acquire and hasten the process of official documents in each unit and department, as well as to keep an account of the handling of documents.
(3) Supplementary submission and review of official documents submitted by each unit.
(4) To compile implementation plans and annual review reports.
(5) To promote research and development affairs.
(6) To supervise the progress of important work plans.
(7) To collect and record the university’s decrees and regulations.
(8) Other documentation affairs